Snake Massage Instills Fear To Soothe The Skin

Snake Massage Instills Fear To Soothe The Skin

A spa in Jakarta uses pythons as part of their services.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 1 november 2013

The Washington Post recently featured a spa in Jakarta, Indonesia that uses snakes in their massage therapy services.

Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa uses not just any snakes but pythons, which they place on top of the customer. The spa reasons that the combination of the movement of the snakes on the customer’s skin and the adrenaline produced by the fear of having snakes on one’s body has a positive effect on the customer’s metabolism.

The spa uses non-venomous snakes so there’s no risk of customers being harmed from a snake bite. There’s also a human attendant who watches the snake during the massage session, so customers don’t have worry about being left alone with the pythons.

Below is a news clip about this type of massage via The Weather Channel.

Washington Post


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