Snap-On Tiles Let Cities Test Out Bike Lanes [Pics]

Snap-On Tiles Let Cities Test Out Bike Lanes [Pics]
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Recyclable squares that can be assembled into a bike path for commuters.

Serena Chu
  • 14 november 2013

As more people make the transition from automobiles to bicycles, the question of road-side safety has become a pressing matter. One consultant group has come with a project that might put some minds to ease.

flow 1

Designed by Copenhagenize Design Co., the Copenhagenize Flow is recycled modules that can be easily assembled into cycle tracks. Instead of painting bike lanes on roads – which can be hard to see at times – cities can use Flow as an alternative to ensure safe roads for pedestrians and bikers. The pre-fabricated tiles are “the gateway drug to permanent bicycle infrastructure.”


According to the company, a small team can snap together one kilometer of flow tiles in a day. Flow can be removed and set up around the city for various occasions. Its flexibility is what makes it the perfect solution to today’s environmental and safety concerns. Described to be a Lego toy for the entire community to enjoy, Flow is spearheading new age of environmentally-friendly transportation.

Copenhagenize Flow

Source: The Atlantic Cities

Images: The Atlantic Cities, Flow

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