Web Service Monitors People’s Social Media For Inappropriate Posts

Web Service Monitors People’s Social Media For Inappropriate Posts

Reputation-management service Persona checks social accounts to help keep your public-facing profile squeaky-clean.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 27 november 2013

Social media is a great way to network and connect with people, but it also puts a lot of your personal information – good and bad – out in the open for anyone to see. Often times, the people you’re trying to network with – professionals, employers, etc. – see a side of you you’d rather they didn’t.

Persona is here to help.

A reputation-management tool, Persona tracks and scrubs users’ social media accounts for content that might be offensive or inappropriate. Persona will then send users alerts and updates, allowing them to delete or authorize the post as harmless.

Persona lets you identify and manage photos and content that could compromise your personal brand, so you can project an online image that reflects your best self.





On the whole, Persona serves two main functions: historical clean up and real-time monitoring. Historical clean up is Persona’s operation that scans your past content for anything that can be construed as inappropriate. Real-time monitoring, rather than a one-time-only sweep, constantly scans your profiles for new content that raises a flag. The top “red flags” for which users are alerted are profanity, drugs/alcohol, adult content, violence, and racism/sexism.




Upon scanning, Persona will send users an email or text alert when it identifies potentially offensive material. Users can then decide to approve flagged content or delete it from their profiles. Persona is built to be overly conservative, so users can add specific words to their “White List” if they don’t want to receive further alerts for that keyword. The same holds true if a friend adds inappropriate content to your profile.

Persona offers two plans. There is a free plan that monitors Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, providing real-time monitoring and unlimited scanning and deletion of text posts, comments, links, hashtags, and likes. There is also a paid plan – $19.99/year or $7.99/month – that includes all of the features of the free plan with the addition of image scanning and deletion (150 historical images and 50/month).

Persona is still in beta mode, but it could prove an effective tool – possibly for public figures/celebrities as well – for removing detrimental social content that could be inadvertently damaging your image.


Sources: Persona, Mashable

Images: Persona

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