Fitness Tracker Can Pinpoint Movement Of Specific Body Parts

Fitness Tracker Can Pinpoint Movement Of Specific Body Parts
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Take your body to the next notch with this wearable piece of technology that tracks your movements in real-time.

Serena Chu
  • 25 november 2013

Notch is a wearable sensor that can record movements at different parts of the body to compile a more comprehensive set of data. The co-founders wanted to create a movement tracking interface that blends into a person’s lifestyle. This technology gives people a chance to analyze their own postures and dynamics, allowing them to improve their own techniques and discover movement profiles from people across the world. Wouldn’t you want to know how your kick compares to David Beckham’s?

notch 4

The wearable network of sensors can be used alone or integrated with clothes, making it more suitable for active sports like parkour, dancing, or any other adrenaline-pumping activities. Information sharing among users is a synch – data is recorded and transmitted to the Notch app via Bluetooth Low Energy. In addition to movement documentation, the app will replay the movements as 3D visualizations and let users download the data in XYZ format.

notch 2

Each Notch sensor measures 1.3×1.2×0.31 inches, and weights less than 0.35 oz. On a full charge, each module can be survive for 3+ days with normal usage. Using inertial measurement units to track movements, Notch can collect data either continuously or on-demand withrecord/pause/stop functions.

With a sizable $100,000 request, the project is still seeking more backers on Kickstarter. There are different pledge levels available to choose from – $49 will get you one Notch sensor come next June. If you are curious about the device, here is a video to further explain how Notch can make your life more interesting.


Source: Kickstarter

Images: Kickstarter

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