Sympathy-Inducing Suit Simulates How It Feels To Be Elderly [Pics]

Sympathy-Inducing Suit Simulates How It Feels To Be Elderly [Pics]
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One bank cares about the overall well-being of its elderly customers.

Serena Chu
  • 20 november 2013

How would you feel if the world you have come to know so well is now changing so rapidly that it’s leaving you in the dust? Horrible, right? According to Barclays‘ research, there are 4.3 million people over the age of 65 who are feeling disconnected from their own country, realizing the UK has become the playground of the young and daring. The challenges these elderly people need to face range from loud pop music played in shops to people unsympathetically pushing, shoving and forcing their way through crowded areas.


To help the younger generations understand what old age feels like, Barclays assembled an “Aging Suit” that is tailored to recreate the physical challenges that people with mobility impairments might face. The suit is line with weights to slow down movement. Sound and sight have also been apprehended to give a realistic “old age” experience.


Over 50 staff members at Barclays have worn and tested the age suit under various situations like walking around the bank branch, using the internet and telephone banking services. From their experiences, the bank has made significant innovations to help older customers better access its services. The bank is now offering “High Visibility” debit cards for people who struggle to read the details on the back of the card. “Audio Cash Machines” are set in place to give customers a voice-over guide during ATM exchanges.

“Age Suit”

Source: Barclays

Image: Barclays

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