Social app leverages Wi-Fi signals to transmit SMS.

Revolutionizing the way we communicate, the Tin Can is an app that connects mobile devices using no Internet connection or cell phone service. It works by connecting phones via Wi-Fi radios within close proximity.

Depending on the phone, the app range is functional within a 100 feet radius. While the strength of the signal is roughly the same as two tin cans connected with a string, the app is still possesses a degree of functionality.

Should your life depend on this app, it would be best to count your blessings or find a flare gun. However, if you are taking part in a protest, concert, sporting event, or other types of social gatherings, the Tin Can could be extremely useful when you need to send a message to a lot of people. This phone-to-phone network would also work great in parts of the world where reception is hard to find.

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