PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

A startup seeks funding for anti-rape shorts as Europeans open virtual doors to foreign cities.

Sara Boboltz
  • 8 november 2013

Each week we bring you the most popular and interesting posts of the past five days. Here is the current selection to give you topics to explore and share over the weekend.

ar wear 7

Could Anti-Rape Garments Dissuade Attackers?

AR Wear designed shorts that clamp themselves onto the wearer with thick cut-resistant bands along waist and thighs so they can’t be removed with force.

Stand-Alone Doors Transport Bystanders To Another European City [Video]

Stand-Alone Doors Transport Bystanders To Another European City [Video]

A railway company wanted to show Europeans how quick and easy it is to see other cities. So they installed doors on the city’s streets that, when opened, allow passersby to virtually interact with others miles away.


Implanted Biometric Chip Creates Wearable Tech To A New Level

A biohacker nicknamed DIY Cyborg implanted a chip into his arm himself, without any anesthetic. The device, called Circadia 1.0, allows him to measure his bodily data for science.

fastweb 2

Italian Subway Station Transports Passengers To Downtown Toyko [Video]

Internet provider Fastweb wanted to let consumers know how fast their service is, so they tricked commuters at a Milan subway platform into thinking they’d sped all the way into Tokyo.


Topshop Transforms Pinterest Into A Searchable Gift Guide

Topshop partnered with Pinterest to implant an even stronger material desire in the hearts of the Pinner community. Users are encouraged to create ‘inspiration boards’ full of the fashion retailer’s goods.

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