PSFK Labs looks at the real-time analytics tools helping transform information into insights.

Are you equipped to deal with the tidal wave of data being produced by your business every day? Will your organization get caught inside the break or ride the crest all the way to shore?

The challenges associated with harnessing Big Data have been widely discussed as retailers and brands come to grips with how to transform the deluge of information attached to every customer interaction (we've discussed previously here) and business transaction into actionable insights. However, as more sophisticated algorithms become available to capture and analyze data in real-time and report those findings through visually-rich dashboards, where it can be accessed by C-level execs on down to entry level employees we're beginning to see the powerful impact this can have on any size business. These tools are part of trend we're calling Real-Time Analytics, which comes to us from PSFK Labs‘ latest Future Of Retail Report.

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