The inclusion of neuro-feedback mechanisms have been popping up in ads, games, and toys.

One trend that has popped up this week has been the inclusion of neuro-feedback in mainstream ads, games, and toys. From a video game that transforms’ players focus into movements to a toy car that helps combat attention disorders through neural concentration, these projects are harnessing our brains’ data in ways that are no longer just limited to a science lab.

Check out the projects that have been featured on PSFK recently.

Mobile Game Operating on Player’s Neuro-Feedback

Developed by Personal Neuro Devices (PND), Neuronauts is an Android game that lets players race and direct the spaceships in the game using neurofeedback. The game makes use of Bluetooth-enabled MindWave Mobile headsets and is the first mobile multiplayer game to use neurofeedback.

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