Hotel Room Doubles As A Private Underwater Retreat [Pics]

Hotel Room Doubles As A Private Underwater Retreat [Pics]

If you ever wanted to spend your entire holiday underwater, then the Manta Resort could be for you.

Serena Chu
  • 15 november 2013

The penthouse suite at the Ritz-Carlton might put a twinkle in your eye, but wouldn’t you get that same rush of excitement from all the other five-star hotels scattered around the world? More or less, luxury vacations have become mundane and predictable. Luckily, the Manta Resort is something completely off the radar. Floating off the coast of Pemba Island, the Manta Underwater Room is part-private island and part-underwater chamber that lets you revel in a new form of comfort.

The room consists of two parts – an above-sea setting for lounging and sunbathing, and an underwater bedroom that is entirely glass-walled. With a bedroom that is submerged four meters below the surface, you are sure to experience a whole new world and a heightened level of adrenaline. Gorgeous views of the surrounding coral reefs and schools of fish in their natural habitat make this room the ultimate “island” retreat. Lets just hope you don’t spot a shark. Manta Underwater Room Source: Manta Resort Images: Manta Resort; Photos by Jesper Anhede


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