Volkswagen App Converts Driving Patterns Into Enjoyable Music [Video]

Volkswagen App Converts Driving Patterns Into Enjoyable Music [Video]
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VW and Underworld have created an app that turns the driver into a musician.

Daniela Walker
  • 26 november 2013

Blaring music out of your car speakers whilst driving is one of the most pleasurable experiences anyone can have. Now Volkswagen has partnered with British electronic music group Underworld to let drivers be even more connected to their vehicles by allowing them to play music using the car’s movements.

Play the Road is an app that responds to the car’s movements – the steering wheel turns, the gears and the acceleration – in real time with music. Underworld created the compositions, making an ambient soundscape that represents driving, composing a different musical motif to represent each different movement

Karl Hyde from Underworld explained why the project appealed to him:

Driving and music are probably the most important things in my musical education: sitting in the back of my dad’s car at night. It was a filmscape to me, it was beautifully lit and the dashboard was magical, and radio Luxemburg or some pirate station was on the radio and that was everything to me. It’s still the root of why I love music. Being in a car surfing the radio, finding stuff that suits how you feel.

Watch the video below to see Play the Road in action:


Source: It’s Nice That


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