Japanese Brewery Develops Waste-Free Robotic Barmaid [Pics]

Japanese Brewery Develops Waste-Free Robotic Barmaid [Pics]

Dispensary can pour up to six perfect beers at a time, with each glass only taking 12 seconds to fill.

Ross Brooks
  • 8 november 2013

Asahi is Japan’s largest brewery, and its latest development might be enough to cement its position as frontrunner. The company have created a robotic beer pouring machine for high-volume bars that can pour up to six perfect beers at a time, with each glass only taking 12 seconds to fill. What makes this device really impressive is that it doesn’t require any specialized labor and can do its job with zero wastage.

This development is important for bar owners because wastage is one of the key factors that can make the difference between profit and loss at the end of the month. Special taps, lines, and temperature/gas regulators have pushed wastage in many high volume venues below 5 percent, but a robot that can get this number even closer to zero will prove to be a huge boon to any outlet that can afford one.


The new Asahi machine is being developed alongside Nagoya-based robotics company NST, and was shown for the first time at the recent International Robotics Expo in Tokyo. Owners will be able to get their hands on one of the machines within two years, which unlike the company’s automated Tornado draft beer dispenser for bars, doesn’t require specially-designed cups.

Asahi’s Senior Chief Researcher Junichi Kitano told Gizmag that efficiency and less reliance on experienced bar staff were not the only considerations in developing the new draft beer dispenser. “We want to create a unique experience for our customers,” said Kitano, “and we’re hoping this new machine will be an important factor.”

Check out the images below to get a more detailed picture of what this bot is capable of.


Source: Gizmag

Images: Gizmag


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