An organic line of fragrance that recaptures the essence of nature.

Known as the world's only wild fragrance company, Juniper Ridge is making natural colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree pitch found in the natural surrounding around us. The Oakland-based store guarantees their products to be clean and environmentally friendly.

The company wants to capture the true essence of the West Coast, and remind people that there is a beautiful world outside of the cinderblock city. Their new line of scents, the Backpacker's Cologne, serves as an aromatic map of the West's beloved outdoor places like the Big Sur, the Sierra Nevada's Yuba River, the Mojave Desert's Caruther's Canyon, Pacific Northwest's Siskiyou, and the Timberline Trail. The husky and freshness scents of the Backpacker's Cologne series were created to revive your weary senses.

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