As we reflect on the year that has passed, the CEO of Bulldog Drummond shares why being thankful is the key to success.

I attended a memorial service for an amazing woman named Mary a few weeks ago. She passed away after fighting a long and challenging battle with pancreatic cancer. Her memorial service, like most, was filled with sadness, but it was also a celebration of how she lived her life—a tribute to a woman who had lived with courage, kindness and gratitude. Mary lived a life of giving to others, and was an example of moral strength and goodness. The memorial was an opportunity for others to share the impact she had on them. It was a healthy reminder that life is a journey—and a short one at that. We all know that life is full of ups and downs, and the way Mary lived hers was a reminder that regardless of how challenging the downs get, we can choose how we face and frame them and live through them each day.

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