Designer-Friendly 3D Avatars Mimic The Full Range Of Human Motion

Designer-Friendly 3D Avatars Mimic The Full Range Of Human Motion

A new software from Body Labs lets fashion creators try out their pieces on 3D models.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 2 december 2013

New York-based startup Body Labs has come out with a cloud-based platform called BodyHub that converts 3D scans of actual models into virtual avatars and allows fashion designers to try on their designs on 3D models that can pose and move like real people.

According to their website the company uses the world’s most advanced technology for analyzing the shape, size, and motion of the human body. With this technology, they were able to create the software that transforms 3D scans into 3D body models possessing the full range of human movement.



With the BodyHub program, clothing designers don’t need to have live models come in and try on their designs before going to production. They can just use the program with design software.

The company licenses the technology from from Brown University and Germany’s Max Planck Institute, and sees various potential uses for the new software aside from fashion design — equipment and product design, custom clothing design, and video game design. Consumers and not just the designers will be able to virtually try on items before purchasing them.

Body Labs

Source: Co.Labs

Images: Body Labs

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