3D-Printed Heels Reveal The Saga Behind The Designer’s Ex-Lovers [Pics]

3D-Printed Heels Reveal The Saga Behind The Designer’s Ex-Lovers [Pics]
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A collection of shoe sculptures that exposes one artist's love affairs.

Serena Chu
  • 4 december 2013

Designer Sebastian Errazuriz commemorates his past 12 relationships with a fashionable collection of stiletto sculptures. His latest project entitled “12 Shoes for 12 Lovers” is a documentary exhibition of the love and lust he shared with his ex-girlfriends. Paired with personal photos and stories, each sculpture gives Errazuriz a chance to mourn his loss (or celebrate his new found freedom) in a sentimental and transparent way.


In this series, you will come across those relationship stereotypes many of us try to avoid. Errazuriz labeled each of the relationship-inspired shoes to embody the very nature of his love affair. With names like “Cry Baby” and “Gold Digger,” he sure found a way to voice his thoughts.


While it is nice to take a peak into the artist’s personal life, the girls he dated, however, probably won’t be too thrilled to find that their past doings are now exposed in the limelight. Nonetheless, the collection does hold a degree of attractiveness, and will be on display as part of Miami Basel in Miami Beach.

12 Shoes 12 Lovers

Source, Images: Core 77

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