Apple To Add Extra Layer Of Interactivity To Maps App

Apple To Add Extra Layer Of Interactivity To Maps App

Apple has filed a patent that features an “Interactive Map” with many layers, where users can view different info over one map.

Daniela Walker
  • 29 december 2013

Apple has filed a patent that adds interactivity to its Maps, by creating layers of data to build a more in-depth map experience.

Apple Patent Maps1

Maps would have different modes such as weather, tourism or commerce, which would pull data from the internet and layer into on the map, using the person’s location to add context-relevant information. The patent explains:

The use of maps has become commonplace in many different facets of life. In addition to maps that are designed for general navigation purposes, information can be included on a map to meet specific objectives. A shopping map might typically include stores and other retail establishments in an area of interest, in contrast, a [map] intended for use by outdoor enthusiasts may include hiking and biking trails, campsites, parks and terrain information.

On top of the different modes, the patent suggests that Apple is working to make the search function more tailored as well, so that searching for food in the commerce mode would bring up different modes as compared to if it were in the sightseeing mode. The layered map would create a more contextual experience,    in a bid to sway iOS users away from Google Maps.

Apple Patent

Source: Apple Insider

Images: Gigaom; Cult of Mac


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