Huge Letters Add Typographic Decor To Chicago’s Streets [Pics]

Huge Letters Add Typographic Decor To Chicago’s Streets [Pics]
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Audra Hubbell’s installation projects large-scale letters onto public spaces in Chicago, exploring how they interact with their surrounding space.

Daniela Walker
  • 30 december 2013

Designer Audra Hubbell‘s Letters At Large installation explores typography in an urban setting, projecting large scale letters onto the buildings of Chicago.

Projection art is nothing new, but more often than not, it is words or phrases that are projected onto buildings. Hubbell’s approach explores each letters unique form against backgrounds that both accentuate and elevate them. She writes on her site:

Letters at Large [unleashes] full-scale typography in public spaces, exploring the interaction between projected large scale letterforms and the urban Chicago surroundings.

Check out the gallery below to see Hubbell’s city-sized exploration of typography:

Audra Hubbell

Source: CollabCubed

Images: Audra Hubbell


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