Wearable Tech For Babies Keeps Parents On Their Toes

Wearable Tech For Babies Keeps Parents On Their Toes

The Sproutling monitor is a new type of wearable tech for babies, that fits around a toddler’s ankle, like a miniature FitBit.

Daniela Walker
  • 5 december 2013

To “make first time parents feel like second time parents” is the mission behind Sproutling, a wearable tech anklet for babies. Yes, wearable tech for babies. The band not only monitors babies’ vitals – like temperature and heart rate – but also the surrounding environment such as the room temperature, humidity and light level. All to make parents better in tune to their child’s needs.


Bruce explains to Fast Company’s Mark Wilson:

All of this isn’t for the sake of data; it’s for the sake of insight and foresight. One big thing we’re doing is predicting when your baby will wake from a nap. We’re trying to get that to the minute.

Consumers are already using wearable tech to track their personal fitness and health, so why not extend that data gathering to one of the most mysterious set of people – the youngest generation who cannot talk. Bruce says that Sproutling can help parents figure out why a baby might not be sleeping well and makes suggestions for improvement. In gentle but honest language, Sproutling sends push notifications to a connected app.


Says Bruce:

Parents have a lot of personal decisions and opinions, we don’t want to tell parents what to do one way or the other. We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time on this language.

Designer Gadi Amit, whose firm NewDealDesign, worked on the product design and branding adds:

We’re trying to be direct and nonchalant at the same time. If something comes up, it’s being discussed quickly and simply.

Sproutling will be entering its alpha phase of testing soon, with plans to release in the spring or summer of 2014.


Source, images: Fast Co.Design

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