Gossip-Themed Cake Designed To Be Shared By Two Friends [Pics]

Gossip-Themed Cake Designed To Be Shared By Two Friends [Pics]
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GOSSIP for 2 is inspired by coffee shop chatter with close friends.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 december 2013

GOSSIP for 2 is a cake made for two people to share, inspired by the link between conversation and food. Its design aims to promote gossip and sharing amongst friends.

Designed by Julie Hinault and made by pastry chef Olivier Dessyn of Mille Feuille Bakery New York, the cake is available there for $12. It is described as bitter, sweet and juicy.

Bittersweet Cake Designed With Gossip In Mind [Pics]

Hinault came up with the concept in France, where she observed friends and family members sharing meals in restaurants and coffee shops. The GOSSIP for 2 cake is made with almonds, coconut, chocolate mousse, pineapple and lime.

It is iced half in white and half yellow to visually represent that it’s meant to be shared. Click through to see images of the GOSSIP for 2 cake:

GOSSIP for 2

Sources: Design Milk, Julie Hinault

Images: Julie Hinault


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