Bodily Controllers Allow For Hands-Free Video Gaming [Video]

Bodily Controllers Allow For Hands-Free Video Gaming [Video]

Instead of controlling video games with your hands, let your butt and tongue do all the work.

Serena Chu
  • 6 december 2013

No matter what anyone says, two hands are just not enough. Valve engineer Ben Krasnow thinks the same thing, which is why he developed a prototype game controller that can be operated by the player’s butt and/or tongue. So now when you gear up for another round of whatever it is that you play, know that reinforcements are here.

In order to lock in software commands with one’s butt cheeks, Krasnow modified a bathroom scale so that it can translate posture shifts into computer-friendly codes. By leaning forward or spinning around, players can move their character without lifting a finger. Now, the tongue controller is something you don’t see everyday. Players can wear a custom retainer, which has a built-in mouse optical sensor, to steer games.

The concept of the two hands-free controllers is fairly easy to grasp, but the behind the curtains work is down right technical. Check out the development process below.

Ben Krasnow

Source, Image: Engadget

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