Bike Part Vending Machine Appears In Brooklyn

Bike Part Vending Machine Appears In Brooklyn

Tubes, oil, ponchos, patch kits, drinks and more located in this all-in-one bike repair machine.

Rachel Pincus
  • 31 december 2013

New York’s Bushwick neighborhood might seem bike-saturated enough to many pedestrians and motorists, to say nothing of the popularity of the various bikeshare services around the world. However, those with their own bikes will agree that, while simpler than cars, biking has its own contingencies caused by weather, mechanical problems and human needs. That’s where BikeStock steps in, offering essentials like locks, tubes, tools, seasonal items, ponchos, patch kits, food and drink to weary travelers.


Co-founder Matthew von Ohlen was inspired to start his business when he was biking alone under the Manhattan bridge and got a flat tire. It was late at night, and he ended up having to walk two miles until he woke up a cabbie snoozing in his vehicle and got him to take him home. Von Ohlen imported the idea for the service from similar ones in bike-heavy areas of the Midwest such as Minneapolis. Currently, there is only one location in Brooklyn, but the service could expand as it hopes to partner with local businesses. Instead of competing with local businesses like the 24-hour Brooklyn Natural deli, for example, BikeStock recruits them as sources of food stock. They also offer their services to local businesses that deliver by bike.


Sources: Bushwick DailyANIMAL New York
Image: Marina Galperina for ANIMAL New York

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