Cardboard Box Headphones Create On-Site Acoustic Concerts [Video]

Cardboard Box Headphones Create On-Site Acoustic Concerts [Video]
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Headphones that are prepared with two cotton balls and two empty containers.

Serena Chu
  • 11 december 2013

Among its large collection of sound-producing projects, the Zimoun studio’s Kinetic Headphone is by far the most interesting exploration of mechanical rhythm. This set of headphones features 2 dc-motors, cotton balls and 2 cardboard boxes.

While these headphones have no physical speakers installed, it still provides an interesting take on the role of sound. The effortless reverberation of sound repetition demonstrates that music does not need to be a stringed symphony of woodwinds and brass instruments; we can just as easily find peace among the chaotic forces of life through the simplicity of two cotton balls smacking against an empty recyclable box.


The Swiss design studio Zimoun is known for their use of simple and functional materials. They create monstrous structures using the same two items – cotton ball and cardboard – to articulate the repetition of rhythms, creating one-of-a-kind beats that are overlooked.

Here is a video of the kinetic headphones.


Source: Design Boom

Images: Zimoun

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