How Census Data Can Help Nomadic Urbanites Determine Where To Move Next

How Census Data Can Help Nomadic Urbanites Determine Where To Move Next

The Dwellr app helps users look for a city or location based on their personal preferences.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 2 december 2013

dwellr, the newest app from the Census Bureau, gives users a demographic profile of their location based on data from the American Community Survey.

The app can give information on things like population, education level, median housing value, race and ethnicity, and more. The app uses statistics from the American Community Survey, which has information on over 40 topics.


Aside from providing information on the user’s current location, the app can also help the user find a location that suits their preferences. The user will only need to input their preferences and the app will create a list of the top 25 places that fit. The app also includes information about each of these top 25 locations.

The Census Bureau has made the app’s data available via API access so that programmers can play around with the data and the tool.

dwellr is available for Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded for free.



Census Bureau

Source: The Atlantic Cities

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