Car Company Creates Print Ad Worth $10,000 [Video]

Car Company Creates Print Ad Worth $10,000 [Video]

The "world's most valuable campaign" adventurously imbued paper ads with real monetary value.

Rachel Pincus
  • 6 december 2013

If you want to move cars on Black Friday, you may just have to pay your customers to buy them. Chevrolet Brasil, partnering with creative director Antonio Correa, took a sense of artistry and applied it to the coupon this year by printing ads using the same intricate anti-counterfeit techniques that are used to print bank checks, show tickets and even banknotes. These “bill” designs, principally the work of Chief Technical Illustrator Rogério Pozzi Taffo, reward intense scrutiny with their watermarks, banknote-like texture, and motif of interlocking steering wheel and hubcap designs. They can’t be properly photocopied or scanned – a moiré type effect appears if you try. They were worth an actual $10,000 off on November 29th, but the official Brazilian Chevrolet website made sure to inform visitors that the promotion is “encerrada,” or finished.

“The value of an ad is measured by the value of the paper it’s printed on. Or maybe not,” runs the campaign’s slogan. Was this a worthy technique for getting customers in the doors? Coincidentally, last year GM tried slashing Chevy Volt prices in the U.S. by – you guessed it – $10,000, a 25% discount leading the Christian Science Monitor to proclaim that GM was “paying” people to buy the car.

Check below to watch the ads getting designed and printed.


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