Music Box Creates Playlists Based On Party Vibes [Video]

Music Box Creates Playlists Based On Party Vibes [Video]
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Chüne accounts for all tastes and adds a social element to music selection at parties.

Ross Brooks
  • 23 december 2013

Providing for every musical taste at a party can be a challenge, unless you’ve got Chüne on your side. It’s a new playful social music service that curates playlists based on who’s around, and how much fun they’re having. The cube is an unassuming piece of hardware, but it is straightforward and intelligent in function.

Inside the accompanying app you just drag and drop your taste on to the logo in the centre, which will also give you the option of how specific or broad you want to be. Once you’ve done that, you just have to tap your phone on the top of Chüne to add your taste to the playlist at your next party – it’s as simple as that.


You might be wondering what happens if you add death metal to Chüne at a party playlist which has a much more relaxed atmosphere. The answer is ‘vibe control,’ which lets you adjust the music to fit the current vibe and makes sure the mood stays at the right level.


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