Citrus Pouches Keep Drinkers’ Fingers Juice-Free [Pics]

Citrus Pouches Keep Drinkers’ Fingers Juice-Free [Pics]

Designed by Nendo, the Lime Pocket is a silicone holder for lemon and lime.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 december 2013

The Lime Pocket is a blue silicone jacket for lemon or lime wedges. The product was created by Japanese studio Nendo for popular gin Bombay Sapphire.

It’s common practice to add a slice of lime or lemon to gin-based cocktails. Nendo created a silicone holder for lemon or lime slices to help keep the drinkers’ fingers clean and dry after squeezing one of the fruit slices.


The Lime Pocket also serves as a holder for the fruit slice after it has been squeezed and can be hung securely on the edge of one’s glass.

Nendo made the small holder blue and added Bombay Sapphire’s brand name on the accessory.

The Lime Pocket is the studio’s solution to advertising the brand name of the spirits used in cocktails.



Source: DesignBoom

Images: Akihiro Yoshida via Nendo

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