Paper Cabin Switches Colors Based On Where The Viewer Stands [Pics]

Paper Cabin Switches Colors Based On Where The Viewer Stands [Pics]

Chameleon Cabin by Mattias Lind appears like different shades of marble when viewed from different angles.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 13 december 2013

Designed by architect Mattias Lind of Swedish firm White Arkitekter, the Chameleon Cabin is made completely out of corrugated paper and printed like black marble on one side of the folds and white on the other so that it appears in different colors when viewed from different angles.

The cabin appears black when viewed from one side and appears white when viewed from another angle. The interior is painted in bright yellow for added contrast.


The building resembles a Swedish friggebod and was created using modules that fit together via tabs and slots. A total of 92 modules were used to build the cabin, which has a floor space of around seven square meters and weighs around a hundred kilograms. The modules are made of a two-millimetre-thick corrugated paper called MiniWell by the Swedish company EuroWell.

The cabin was created in partnership with branding agency Happy F&B for local printing company Göteborgstryckeriet.


Source: Dezeen

Images: Rasmus Norlander via Dezeen


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