E-Tailer Pits Shoppers Against Each Other To Drive Down Prices

E-Tailer Pits Shoppers Against Each Other To Drive Down Prices

Compete with other buyers to secure the right product at the right price.

Serena Chu
  • 3 december 2013

Drop ‘Til You Shop is a new kind of online shopping experience that gives users discounts based on the total number of shoppers joining in the sale. The site allows consumers to lock-in discounts for popular products and “freeze” prices whenever they feel like, shopping has never been so action-packed. Prices decrease by the second, but the goal is to secure an item at a price you like before it is sold out. Shoppers get to see the fluctuations of competitive supply and demand in real-time.


Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, Drop ‘Til You Shop holds themed shopping events that happen twice a day, each limited to a 3-hour timeframe. The two events start at 9:00AM EST and 9:o0PM EST. So that means if you miss the two discount extravaganzas on any given day, you will have to wait a whole clock’s cycle before taking another stab at the excitement. But during the event, shoppers will have full access to the product details and pictures.

The site is easy to navigate and has no hidden fees. Check out what kind of cool merchandise you can purchase.

Drop ‘Til You Shop


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