Glasses Fog Up To Force Computer Over-Users To Blink

Glasses Fog Up To Force Computer Over-Users To Blink

Wink Glasses help protect your eyes when staring at a screen all day.

Ross Brooks
  • 11 december 2013

Industrial designer Kazuo Kawasaki has designed a pair of glasses to combat computer vision syndrome, a condition which can cause a range of temporary symptoms from headaches to dry eyes to double vision. The Wink Glasses 2013 “fog up” for 0.1 or 0.2 second every 10 seconds, which forces you to blink, and hopefully prevents any nasty side-effects from prolonged computer use.

The glasses are made by Masunaga Optical of Japan, and they’re aimed at people who spend a large proportion of their day staring at computer screens – which would be just about everyone. Wink Glasses lenses are covered with liquid crystal sheets, but otherwise look fairly normal. They weigh slightly more than regular eyeglasses, and also require a small battery that’s fitted in the left arm of the frame.


When the glasses are in fogging mode, activated by a small button on the right arm, the battery’s weak electrical current in the liquid crystal sheets gets cut off, momentarily fogging them and inducing a reflexive blink. The 2013 version is a simplification of an earlier model that used an internal blink sensor and required calibration for each individual user.

Wink Glasses 2013 currently sell for about $150 in Japan, and can be fitted with prescription lenses for extra. Their popularity is yet to be proven, but it could be an extremely cost-effective way for companies to keep their employees in good shape, even after an 8 day staring at their screen.


Wink Glasses 2013

Source, images: CNET 

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