Home Device Assigns Seamless, Automatic Actions To Each Room

Home Device Assigns Seamless, Automatic Actions To Each Room

Remotely control your home appliances with the Zuli Smartplug.

Serena Chu
  • 17 december 2013

The Zuli Smartplug uses Bluetooth connection to establish a dialogue between you and your home. The device can detect when you enter or exit through a door, and trigger actions to go off based on your location, giving you complete remote access to all the lights and appliances within the home.

In order to set up the “Bluetooth mesh network,” you will need to purchase a minimum of three Zuli Smartplugs. The accuracy of the detection is dependent on the total number of plugs used in a home. But if you are only looking to monitor energy usage and manage smart scheduling, one will do the trick.


To give users more hands-on control, the designers introduced a partnering mobile app that allows for manual brightness adjustments. The Zuli mobile app also includes a data log of energy consumed, as well as the total energy costs for the month.

Should Zuli meet its $150,000 Kickstarter goal, you can expect the device to be out on the market in June 2014. Some of the cheaper funding levels have already been filled, but there are still others to choose from. For $135, you can purchase a starter pack of 3 Zuli Smartplugs. And $400 will get you a set of 10.

Zuli Smartplug

Source: Kickstarter, Digital Trends 

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