Copper-Clad Shower Exposes The Inner Workings Of A Bathroom [Pics]

Copper-Clad Shower Exposes The Inner Workings Of A Bathroom [Pics]
Arts & Culture

A copper shower system that is taken out of its natural surroundings.

Serena Chu
  • 5 december 2013

As part of the Water Dream project, design studio Front assembled a shower system made of copper to blur the borders between art installation and utilitarian device. This interlocking system of pipes and valves shows off the technical elements underlying the shower. The artists wanted to create a project that is functioning, and they did just that. Willing individuals can experience a spine-chilling shower outside of the bathroom.

waterdream 5

While one only comes into contact with the shower head component, Front wanted to help better connect the homeowner with the home in which they live. Designers at Front studio saw an opportunity to introduce a new interpretation on showering in a charming and unconventional way. Who would have thought a shower system outside the bathroom could command the art scene with such charisma.

Water Dream

Source, Images: Hansgrohe



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