Artist Crowdsources The Content For His 3D Drawings

Artist Crowdsources The Content For His 3D Drawings
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British artist Benjamin Redford take requests from the online world to help create his exploding canvas.

Rachel Pincus
  • 3 december 2013

Thanks to the donations and requests of hundreds of Kickstarter contributors, British artist Benjamin Redford will soon be assembling a range of requests – from “a drawing of me riding a dinosaur with a lightsaber!” to “the scene where Steve Buscemi meets a wood chipper from the movie Fargo” – into a hyper-detailed, 24×36″ limited-edition poster. The work, which will be called “Internetopia,” will somehow fit them all together into a unified composition using an ingenious system of cubes that can be bought for $1 each.



The poster itself, which will be plate-printed in high definition in 2 colors, will cost $50 on top of the cube pledge. Redford’s previous work gives you some idea of what it might look like: he works in pen and ink, and his images buzz with interconnected detail. The cube units also seem well-matched to the typically isometric angle of his work, which can make elements seem to spill out of any pre-defined borders.


As the project is already at more than twice its $2,000 goal for pledges (you can read them all at the project’s Twitter), Redford – and future donors – might have some knotty creative decisions to make. As he explained in the FAQ, about 500 1.5-inch cubes fit on an A1 (24×36) piece of paper. More than 500 cubes in the drawing will make his drawing bigger, but the final poster will remain the same size. Though everything in the poster will be smaller “this will also increase the level of detail of the final image, making it more dense and awesome to look at.” As usual, the internet is denser – and more creative – than we ever imagined.


Source, ImagesInternetopia on Kickstarter

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