11 Things You Need To Know Today

11 Things You Need To Know Today

Facebook can detect self-censorship, you can wink to take a Google Glass photo, and more.

Rachel Pincus
  • 19 december 2013

Delta Airlines wants the revenues of an industrial carrier. BusinessWeek

Bitcoin China halted yuan deposits and the currency plummeted in value. TechCrunch

Check out these luminous maps of the BEYONCÉ release’s effect on Twitter. Factmag

A tourist in Melbourne walked off a pier while looking at Facebook on her phone. The Guardian

Google has a Christmassy easter egg on mobile browsers. TechCrunch

The Bank of England is debuting polymer £5 notes in 2016. The Guardian

The Oscars have been rebranded by 180LA. Designweek

Google Glass has fully integrated its wink-to-take-a-pic feature. BrandRepublic

Facebook can see whether users typed something and decided against publishing it. LA Times

Facebook video autoplay is – you guessed it – a way of delivering video ads. New York Times

You can gift your friends specific iBooks now. Engadget

Image: TechCrunch

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