Bark-Activated Washing Machine Helps Dogs Pitch In With Chores

Bark-Activated Washing Machine Helps Dogs Pitch In With Chores

Dog-powered laundry service to assist people with disabilities.

Serena Chu
  • 3 december 2013

In collaboration with Miele, UK laundry company JTM Service created Woof to Wash, the world’s first “dog-operated” washing machine. This voice-activated machine has been specially designed with dog height-appropriate buttons. There is a foot pad on the bottom right corner to unlock the machine, as well as a chew toy door handle, which makes it easier for dogs to open the machine door. As long as service dogs can load in the dirty laundry, the machine will automatically churn in measured amounts of detergent from its storage bottle.

dog washing machine 3

Here is Duffy, a Labrador service dog, working the Woof to Wash machine. Duffy has been trained to assist her owner in many daily tasks like dressing and stripping beds. This well-discipline canine can now add laundry duties to her ongoing resume.

Woof to Wash

Source, Image: Core 77

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