Software Hack Hijacks And Controls Drones Mid-Flight

Software Hack Hijacks And Controls Drones Mid-Flight

SkyJack lets hackers hijack Parrot AR Drones within any given range.

Serena Chu
  • 10 december 2013

No stranger to the hacking world, Samy Kamkar rigged a Parrot AR.Drone 2 with his custom software, which he calls SkyJack, giving users the ultimate fly-time control. With the modification, drones can now seek out the wireless signals of nearby UAVs, hijack it and effectively make use of them, even while in flight.


Once a signal is detected, one of the adapters will automatically disconnect drones from their owners through raw packet inject, while the other adapter establishes a connection of its own and connects to the rogues, giving the new owner complete access to its speed, trajectory and live video feeds. As an added bonus, Kamkar designed the software to be compatible with desktop computers. So that means hackers can snatch any drones that fly within range.

The only shortcoming to the software is that it can only seize control of other Parrot drones. So if another kind of drone finds itself in your terrority, you wont’ be able to override it.

The video below is a live demonstration of the SkyJack software, check it out. Kamkar’s personal website has everything you need to hijack you own drone.


Source, Image: Gizmag

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