Edible Chocolate Record Plays Pop Rock Hits [Video]

Edible Chocolate Record Plays Pop Rock Hits [Video]

Croatian musician tries to entice a new audience with an edible vinyl.

Ross Brooks
  • 10 december 2013

We’ve already seen 3D-printed records this week, which means it must be time for another example of musicians using creative means to attract publicity. In an attempt to spread his name further afield, not only has Croatian pop star Gibonni started to sing in English, but he is also set to release his latest single as a special limited edition chocolate record.

A massive star in Croatia and the Balkans, Gibonni felt that chocolate would be the right medium for his music after reading that “chocolate contains a hormone of happiness and boosts your libido,” and felt that it was “a perfect combination for the rock based on music we loved in the 1980s.”


Gibonni will be releasing the song “20th Century Man,” which was mastered and cut at Abbey Road Studios in London, and cast in chocolate by Nadalina, a fine food company established by legendary punk rocker Marinko Biškić. It can be played five times, after which it’s time to chow down.

You will probably be surprised how good a chocolate record sounds, so make sure to give the video below a look:


Source: FactMag

Images: Gibonni


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