Electronic Tapestries Sing When Touched [Video]

Electronic Tapestries Sing When Touched [Video]
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An interactive way to appreciate the future of fashion and fabrics through sound.

Serena Chu
  • 5 december 2013

Commissioned by the MAK Museum of Applied Arts and Contemporary Art, “Contours” is a large-scale screen-printing project that explores the idea of breathing life into a textile skin. Between creative laboratory Bare Conductive and artists Fabio Antinori and Alicja Pytlewska, the creative talent invested into this tapestry of sound is profound.


As visitors navigate their way through the three flaps of tapestry, any skin contact with it will compose a data-driven soundscape in realtime. Bare Conductive’s Touch Board is the driving force between the project’s engineering.

In order to transform touch into sound, the artists painted the tapestries which are made out of Tyvek sheets with conductive paint and appropriate sensors. MaxMSP wrote a custom code for the project, which modulates different part of the soundscape in relationship to the level of interaction happening on the tapestries. The team screen-printed a layer of non conductive paint on top of the sensors in order to produce the final graphic effect.


“Contours” is an example of the future of fashion and the use of innovative fabrics, but more importantly, it alludes to the relationship between science and body. If you are curious about the kind of music that is being made, check out the video below.


Source, Images: Creative Applications


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