In Brief

The American crime writer's son, himself a writer, remembers him as a down-to-earth and fun dad

This article titled “Elmore Leonard remembered by Peter Leonard” was written by Peter Leonard, for The Observer on Friday 13th December 2013 12.00 UTC

We lost a good one. I remember when I was nine years old, going down the stairs to the basement to watch my father write. He sat at a small red desk in a cinder block room painted white. He wrote longhand on unlined yellow paper. His typewriter was on a metal stand next to the desk. Across the room was a red wicker waste basket that had half a dozen balls of crumpled yellow paper on the floor around it, scenes that didn’t work, shots that didn’t make it. In retrospect it looked like a prison cell, but my father didn’t seem conscious of his surroundings, or of me standing at the bottom of the stairs; he was deep in concentration, midway through a western called Hombre that would be made into a movie starring Paul Newman.

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