Project Proposes To Turn Wasted Snow Into Giant Urban Playgrounds [Pics]

Project Proposes To Turn Wasted Snow Into Giant Urban Playgrounds [Pics]
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Second Hinterlands by designers Natalya Egon and Noel Turgeon designate certain sections in the city as winter play areas.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 13 december 2013

The Second Hinterlands project by Chicago-based designers Natalya Egon and Noel Turgeon proposes to turn the city’s snow into a playground where kids and even grown-ups can have fun during the winter.

Most cities spend a lot of time and money clearing away snow during winter. The efforts use up the city’s energy and resources. Egon and Turgeon look at Second Hinterlands as an alternative to the usual snow collection and removal practices of the city.

Second Hinterlands-3

In Second Hinterlands, certain areas in the city are designated as snow playgrounds. It’s either the snow is left to accumulate in the area and transformed into giant forts and mountains or snow is relocated to that area instead of moving it outside of the city.

The project proposes to change how the city treats winter storms. It also not only helps the city save on energy and resources, but it also creates something fun for the community.

The project won this year’s COLDSCAPES competition.

Second Hinterlands-2

Second Hinterlands-1

Second Hinterlands

Source: Co.Exist

Images: Second Hinterlands


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