High-Speed Tube System Delivers Fast Food Right To Customers’ Tables [Video]

High-Speed Tube System Delivers Fast Food Right To Customers’ Tables [Video]
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Hungry patrons receive their burgers at 87 miles per hour.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 19 december 2013

Food that’s served faster, hotter, and fresher. In addition to being way cooler than the alternative, these are the factors that led C1 Espresso in Christchurch, New Zealand to install a system of pneumatic tubes that deliver food directly to customers’ tables.

Described as being inspired by the Tube Transport System in Futurama, Sam Crofskey of C1 Espresso employed over a century-and-a-half-old technology in a new way by installing the pneumatic system to deliver sliders and nachos – not just messages. With an existing system in place that sends food orders to the kitchen, this transport system – capable of speeds up to 87 miles per hour – should help reduce wait times and improve overall dining experiences.


C1 Espresso had local engineering firm Lamson install the system, ensuring that the tubes are capable of supporting the weight of a canister filled with food instead of a note. They plan to use metal canisters to deliver the food, and have designed a custom air brake and pressure system to slow the food to safe velocities when it reaches the table.

They expect to begin using the system by the end of January, but it will take roughly a year to complete the entire system. While tables around the edge of the café will be able to use the walls for delivery, tables in the center of the room will rely on tubes coming up from the floor through the table’s trunk.

C1 Espresso

Sources: CNET

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