Film-Screen Billboards Takes Digital Storytelling To New Heights [Video]

Film-Screen Billboards Takes Digital Storytelling To New Heights [Video]

New concept means commuters get to watch a movie while they wait in gridlock

Ross Brooks
  • 6 december 2013

W Atlanta-Downtown wants to engage people in a unique way, which is why they have partnered with established artist and filmmaker, Felipe Barral, to create a movie called “PIXEL.” This movie isn’t like others though – it will be displayed on a billboard adjacent to the hotel’s property as a series of 13 separate 10-second videos. Each episode will run for two weeks, and when all is said and done, they will be displayed as a complete series online.

“PIXEL” is an inspiring story of passion and love that transcends time. The film tells the story of a dedicated father who helped to prepare his daughter for adulthood after he passed away when she was three months old. His daughter discovers 10-second videos from her father, which mark the start of an emotional journey to unveil the true meaning of life.


“The main object of this experience is to not only entertain, but also to inspire,” said Felipe Barral, film director. “I want to give the audience something to walk away with: the possibility to rediscover their human raw sense of wonderment.”

Be sure to watch the trailer below and join the conversation by following #WPIXEL:

W Atlanta-Downtown


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