How To Find Calm In The Urban Jungle

How To Find Calm In The Urban Jungle

The H6 Headphones from B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen make the ideal holiday gift for the busy creative professional. [Partner Content]

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 28 december 2013

PSFK has partnered with B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen to look at how to incorporate sound seamlessly into hectic urban life.

Space is at a premium on the chaotic streets of nearly every busy metropolis, and carving out a calm oasis can be a challenging task. As we run from the office to a business lunch to a coffee date and then out to the bar in the evening, it is easy to get caught up in the clamor around us, and end up overwhelmed and overstimulated. As urban centers are becoming increasingly populated, people are looking for devices and products that can create the semblance of privacy and calm and keep the outside world from intruding.

One such product are the H6 Headphones from B&O PLAY that offer comfort and function without sacrificing aesthetics. PSFK tested them on the streets of New York to see if they could stand up to the volume of the city.


As more offices drop the cubicle in favor of open plans, a good pair of headphones is essential to keep the constant commotion of phone calls, water cooler conversations and loud lunches at bay. Even in the busiest office setting the H6s will keep you focused and productive. With the volume turned just halfway up, the over-ear design blocks distractions for absolute focus on the task at hand. They absorb outside noise so well that you might not be able to hear your boss talking next to you.

The sleek construction of the design does not take precedence over the technology contained within, but still makes an impression. Whereas many luxury and high-end headphones opt for the style over substance, the classic look of the H6s will age well. The cow-leather head band gains patina when worn over time, giving each pair a look unique to its owner.


An afternoon coffee in the local cafe can be a bustling nightmare that is difficult to tune out. However, the H6s deliver a well-balanced sound with a focus on a clear midrange pitch layered over an even bass and treble performance that ensures you won’t fail to notice the nuanced tones of your favorite public radio personalities when working through your latest podcast.


Transitioning between various functions and uses is simple on these headphones. Made to work with iOS and OSX devices, the 3-button remote on the cable pauses audio, skips forward and backwards, changes volume, accepts and declines calls and has an integrated microphone. This allows you to pause your podcast, order a coffee and then take a call all seamlessly and without having to dig out your phone from the deep recesses of your winter coat. The call quality was good on our end, and kept our attention on the conversation despite the general cacophony of the cafe.


Riding on the subway can be one of the noisiest environments in New York. However, wearing the H6s, the screech of the train entering the station was barely audible when listening at ¾ volume. Encased in a bubble of soothing sounds, you can rumble on to your destination undisturbed.

While these headphones don’t have actual noise cancellation tech, it’s unlikely that you will miss the feature thanks to the H6’s high-quality materials. After all day wear, the lamb skin ear pads with memory foam inside kept an even, gentle pressure that never chafed or squeezed uncomfortably.


Complete with a dual cord input, one on each side, so you can wire into whichever side you want or simply share tunes with your friend, the H6s prove themselves to be an excellent pair of luxury headphones for spoiling a special someone (or yourself) this holiday season.

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen // H6 Headphones

PSFK has partnered with B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen.


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