Parents and bloggers are outraged at Baby's First iPad Stand, but does it simply reflect a growing reality?

The Fisher-Price Apptivity Seat: a baby seat that can hold an iPad in front of a baby too young to even hold their head up. Have we finally gone too far in encouraging parents to get their very young children hooked on technology? Many parents and blogs are petitioning to have the item taken off the market.

The early-childhood toy company Fisher-Price has long been making inroads to the tech accessory market for as long as parents have been mollifying their kids by handing them their iPads and smartphones. This is to say, not very long in the grand scheme of things, but for most of the history of the iPad, a device very hospitable to chubby little fingers. Few parents would agree that presents an ideal educational opportunity for their child, but screen use is an integral and largely unevaluated part of contemporary parenting.

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