Table’s Force Field Creates Energy You Can See [Video]

Table’s Force Field Creates Energy You Can See [Video]

Florian Dussopt's EM table explores exciting electromagnetic ideas.

Ross Brooks
  • 16 december 2013

EM table by Florian Dussopt is an experimental object that is able to produce a localized electromagnetic field and aims to explore lesser known aspects of energy, electromagnetism, and other as-yet-unknown interactions. The experimental object allows users to interact with an energy that is otherwise invisible.


Surrounding waves light up fluorescent tubes within a short range without any physical contact. This is made possible by an electronic circuit embedded in the table that converts a low current into an electromagnetic field, which then acts directly on the gas within the fluorescent tube.

See the concept in action below:

Florian Dussopt

Source: CreativeApplications | Images: Bart Pajak


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