Free, Upcycled Furniture Offers An Alternative To Black Friday [Pics]

Free, Upcycled Furniture Offers An Alternative To Black Friday [Pics]
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Gregoire Abrial collected discarded furniture, transformed them, and offered them up gratis.

Daniela Walker
  • 4 december 2013

French photographer and designer, Grégoire Abrial has lived and worked in New York City for five years. The artist is leaving the city, and as a thank you note for the years of inspiration, he gave New Yorkers a gift – upcycled furniture he found on the street.

Throughout the years, Abrial collected discarded furniture and on Black Friday he put them out on the street. This time, channeling a sense of renewal, he fixed them up and added a special handmade note. He explains on his site:

I took inspiration from the crafts of marquetry and embroidery to embed on each of [the furniture] four letters: “FREE”. This word should first catch one’s attention and then its unique, hand-made expression would hopefully do the rest.

Abrial called the project, Bright Friday, the antithesis of the consumer holiday where people trample each other to buy new goods. He says:

Bright Friday tells the story of all of those items we are throwing away while other people might see them as small treasures.

Click the gallery below to see photographs of people enjoying Abrial’s gift:

Grégoire Abrial

Source, images: Designboom

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