Artist Grows Stools Out Of Fungus [Pics]

Artist Grows Stools Out Of Fungus [Pics]
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Philip Ross has grown a limited edition set of chairs and stools from fungal tissue.

Emma Hutchings
  • 11 december 2013

Artist Philip Ross, whose work is driven by a life-long interest in biology, has created a set of furniture and other structures using mushrooms as the building material. The pieces are water, mold and fire-resistant, as well as being as strong as concrete.

Artist Grows Mushrooms Into Fire-Resistant Furniture [Pics]

Recently, Ross has been working at The Workshop Residence in San Francisco, growing a limited edition set of furniture from fungal tissue. Local agricultural waste was used as the food for the fungus, and the legs were fashioned from salvaged wood.

One of the prototypes, the Yamanakita stool, has a top sealed with beeswax, a linseed-based polymer hardening wax and tree sap resin. His Yamanaka chairs are named after Shigeru Yamanaka, a Japanese scientist who described how fungal cells can be used as a natural binding agent for different materials. Click through to see some of the pieces Ross has produced:

Philip Ross

Sources: Huffington Post, SFGate

Images: Philip Ross

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