Z-Shaped Clothes Hanger Reinvents Everyday Object [Pics]

Z-Shaped Clothes Hanger Reinvents Everyday Object [Pics]
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The Gazelle clotheshanger rethinks the old motions of hanging up and taking down clothes.

Rachel Pincus
  • 30 december 2013

The frustration of trying to take down a hanger or hang up a shirt with a small collar is familiar to many of us. This experience reinforces our view of hangers as poorly designed and disposable. Fortunately, the Irish studio Gazel was presented with the challenge of creating a hanger that reduces arthritic pain in its use, had a very specific prompt for improving it.


The Gazelle hanger has a tapered handle that can be held easily by various grips. The asymmetrical placement of the handle means that to get the hanger out of your shirt, you simply slide the hook over to one side until the hanger pops out. A neutral hand position is retained through the entire process. The hanger prevents the collar or any other part of the shirt from being stretched and even allows you to hang up button-down shirts and blouses without unbuttoning them. The hanger is balanced when a garment is loaded onto it and it tilts gently when not in use.


“With this design we’ve tried to bring a flicker of joy to an interaction often seen as mundane or awkward,” Gazel founders Ronan Murphy and Kevin Doherty told Dezeen Magazine. “We think that this flicker of joy is actually quite important: it can be the spark for a happier and more fulfilling day in general.”

The hanger, for its appeal to a wide range of people, is in the running for a James Dyson Award and is currently only available in Dublin. It will also hop over to London for the Home buying event at 2 Earls Court in London. It will no doubt hop the pond and become more widespread soon.

Gazelle Home

Sources, Images: Dezeen Magazine,  James Dyson Award 

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