Gesture System Lets People Control Their Home By Pointing

Gesture System Lets People Control Their Home By Pointing

Hand gesture recognition software lets users control their home in real-time.

Serena Chu
  • 18 december 2013

Since 2010, PointGrab has been working on a few motion and gesture control projects that will make the Kinect system look like a high-school science project. Without any space limitations, the PointGrab system lets users control electronic devices or home appliances with a point of the finger. The system, which uses a 2D webcam, will pick up movements and “use depth information to create a transparent space in front of the user, enabling a touch-like operation of devices.”

One of the projects, the PointSwitch, focuses on home appliance activation: for example, users can dim the lights, pull down the shades, or adjust the air conditioning. The other project, the AirTouch, lets users interact with computer monitors, HDTV and consumer electronics. All of these features do not require the person to physically get up, or better yet, move other parts of the body except the finger.

PointGrab has plans to introduce the final product to the public sometime in early 2014. Before you get too excited about the project, don’t forget to check out the company’s videos below. They are about the PointSwitch and AirTouch, respectively.


Source: Engadget 

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