PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Accessories For The Connected Home

PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Accessories For The Connected Home

True New Year's resolutions start in your personal space.

  • 28 december 2013

The New Year is the perfect time to break with old habits and imagine your life differently. For so many of us, our most ingrained habits – like snoozing, yanking the battery out of the smoke alarm, and cooking a little self-indulgently – begin in the home, and whether a friend of yours is a tireless striver toward perfection or needs a gentle push, technology has all kinds of new responses to old problems.


The Hue Bulb, a smartphone-connected lightbulb that can help you create custom lighting experiences in your home, is an elegant and effective argument for how much of a difference proper lighting in a room makes. Spotter, meanwhile, can notify them about tasks such as laundry or simply make them more aware of their environment with its motion detector.


Other Connected Home items allow them to control unexpected objects and appliances from far away. If adopted widely, they could become life-changers for many. The DoorBot, for example, lets them answer house calls from plumbers, mail delivery people and the like from anywhere and the world, while iKettle, like a personal butler, coaxes them out of bed with a perfectly warmed cup of tea.

Check out more of our favorite Connected Home gifts here, and be sure to explore PSFK’s Gift Guide for more ideas.

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